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Any condition that causes inflammation of the j

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Any condition that causes inflammation of the joints, such as arthritis, can affect anyone. Joint pain and stiffness can make movement painful and difficult. Some may even think arthritis is a geriatric disease, but it can affect both young and old. Presently arthritis alone, affects over 53 million adults and over 300,000 children. That is one in five adults over the age of 18 Cheap Kurt Rambis Jersey , and one in 250 children.

Fortunately today, with all the studies of musculoskeletal conditions and immune systems, many products have become available to help relieve pain, and increase mobility more than ever before. However, few individuals know of them. From eating aids, such as weighted or bendable utensils, to writing aids Cheap Elgin Baylor Jersey , such as an arthritis pen or ring pen, can make these challenges much easier.

I met people who had little knowledge of these products, and continued to suffer from what would be considered the simplest of tasks. One young man, in a wheel chair since an early age, was eating lunch. He had difficulty holding everyday eating utensils. It would have been beneficial for him, had he used one of the many eating aids available. He has had Muscular Dystrophy (MD) since birth, making every day a challenge for him. Aside from watching the Labor Day telethon Cheap Michael Cooper Jersey , most people are unaware that more than one-quarter million kids and adults in the U.S. suffer from this genetic disorder.

While waiting In a checkout line at a grocery store, I saw the woman ahead of me having trouble getting her wallet out of her purse to write a check. The real challenge came when she tried to write the check. Her twisted fingers were having difficulty holding her pen. The task would have been much easier had she used a writing aid such as an arthritis pen, or ring pen.

Also, I knew a man about 59 years old, who had lost the mobility of his right hand and arm after suffering a stroke. His concern was never being able to write again. After his stroke, he wasn’t able to even write his name. After weeks of therapy he had complete recovery. It was amazing! During the time of recovery, had he used a steady write pen Cheap Wilt Chamberlain Jersey , he would have been able to complete work with less assistance from others.

Mentioned here, are a few of many individuals who have lessened mobility, and live each day, with a challenge. The hand and wrist have multiple small joints that work together to produce a motion. Including the fine motion needed to eat, or tie a shoelace. When joints are affected, daily activities become a challenge.

Ailments which inhibit ability to perform everyday tasks, can be very difficult to overcome Cheap Vlade Divac Jersey , however, there are many products to help you take back control of your independence. These products can minimize or remove mild to moderate joint discomfort, and help one live the best life.

Yesterday’s world was a dreadful challenge for some, when facing common tasks. Today, there are many products we can use to improve our daily life. So if you have a disability, and want to improve your daily living, you definitely have to learn what aids are available to help you.

Statistical Source: Arthritis Foundation
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