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rmy officers who showed up in plainclothes on the c

YUQING, May 20, 2016 (Xinhua) -- Photo taken on May 20, 2016 shows the rice fields in Baini Township of Yuqing County in Zunyi City, southwest China's Guizhou Province. Paddy fields here have formed a piece of natural "color palette." (XinhuaLiu Xu)?

Protective cases are specially designed Astros Ken Giles Jersey , padded cases which are used to ensure that products and goods are protected while they are being transported. Protective cases are commonly used by the mining, oil, gas, technical and military industries. This article takes a look at some of the most popular types of protective cases Astros Justin Verlander Jersey , what each of their benefits are, and how to go about finding and selecting the best protective case retailer for your needs.

Pelican Cases

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Spacecases are made from a high strength, UV stabilised polyethylene material. The offer extreme protection, as they are impervious to most chemicals, and they will not dent or rust over long periods of time. They are also lockable and stackable to provide a convenient and safe transport solution. Spacecases are available in a large range of sizes Astros Jose Cruz Jr. Jersey , including in many larger sizes in comparison to other protective case models.

Storm Cases

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Foam Inserts

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BANGKOK, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan- ocha said on Friday that no political discussion is allowed in public under martial law which is currently effective nationwide.

His comments followed Thursday's event in which a number of Thammasat University lecturers were barred by military officers from giving a public speech entitled the Fall of Dictatorial Rule in Foreign Countries, which they viewed as "more or less relevant" to the Thai politics.

Prayuth aired his support for the ban on all political activities including academic seminars and panel discussions held on a university campus or elsewhere in the country.

The premier confirmed that no such activity will be tolerated under the martial law which prohibits five people or more from gathering to discuss politics anywhere nationwide.

The martial law was declared as an aftermath of the May 22 military coup orchestrated by Prayuth, who is retiring as army chief at the end of this month.

"That kind of seminar caused a public gathering with some political intent. (The lecturers) obviously discussed political matters. So they were asked not to talk about politics for the time being Astros Jose Altuve Jersey ," said the premier, who concurrently heads the National Council for Peace and Order, the official name of the military junta whom he led to seize power from a civilian government under deposed premier Yingluck Shinawatra.

According to Prayuth, all public seminars Astros Jimmy Wynn Jersey , albeit declared to be entirely academic, must be given prior permission from the ruling military as long as martial law is concerned.

The Thammasat lecturers, namely Prachak Kongkirati and Niti Eowsriwong, were stopped from delivering their "academic views on foreign dictatorial rule" to some 100 students and other interested people at the university's Rangsit campus and were taken to a nearby police station for "talk."

Several army officers who showed up in plainclothes on the campus and at the police station told them to no longer do such activity without prior permission from the military Astros Jeff Bagwell Jersey , according to Prachak.

"The military considered it a political gathering which is not currently allowed under martial law," said the political scientist to reporters following the one-hour "talk" at Klong Luang police station.

The noted academics were finally freed to leave and no charges were filed against them, however.

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