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Rojava, which is m

DAMASCUS, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- After witnessing the crimes and atrocities the Islamic State (IS) group was committing in Iraq and Syria, Mustafa decided to leave his life in the United States and join the Kurdish fighters to battle the IS in predominantly-Kurdish areas in northern Syria.

"My name is Mustafa Rojava, which is my nom de guerre, my Kurdish fighting name. I came here because I wanted to kill IS because my feelings about them is that they are a scourge on the humanity Yankees Alex Rodriguez Jersey ," Mustafa said using the last name Rojava, which is the Kurdish name of the de facto Kurdish autonomous region in northern Syria.

Mustafa said he started developing anti-jihadi feelings since the Sept. 11 attacks in the U.S., adding that his enmity feelings grew bigger when he started witnessing the actions of the IS group in both Iraq and Syria, particularly the crimes of the IS against the Yazidis, a Kurdish religious community in Iraq.

"I had never heard about the Yazidis before, but now I heard about them after learning how the IS murdered them and attacked their peaceful areas in the Sinjar Mountain in Iraq. The IS murdered their little boys Yankees Aaron Judge Jersey , raped their women and daughters and sold them as sex slaves in the markets," Mustafa said.

"That was the turning point in my life," he added.

After deciding it was time for him to try to contribute to the battles against IS, Mustafa said he flew from Los Angeles to London and took another plane to Istanbul, Turkey, where he crossed over to the Sulaymaniyah area in Iraq.

"I met with the Kurdish fighters in Iraq and then entered Syria illegally. I have been here for months now Yankees Aaron Hicks Jersey ," he said.

On why he chose to fight alongside the Kurds, Mustafa said the Kurds are friendly to the Western people, and that is a main reason why he is fighting with them, particularly with the People's Protection Units (YPG).

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