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1200 Expo Avenue, Pudong (located in the Mercedes-Benz Aren

KATHMANDU Jaguars Jersey Sale , July 23 (Xinhua) -- Amidst government's preparation to sign a major power trading agreement (PTA) with India shortly, Nepal's hardliner CPN-Maoist party decided on Tuesday to protest against it, a party official said Wednesday.

A group of five parties headed by CPN-Maoist holding a meeting in Kathmandu concluded that the planned PTA is an utter intervention in Nepal's sovereignty by the India government as well as anti-nationalist.

The meeting also has decided to launch protest if the plan to sign the agreement is not canceled.

The group of the parties announced its decision on the eve of Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's three-day official visit to Kathmandu from July 25. She is scheduled to lead the Indian delegation at the 3rd Nepal-India Joint Commission meeting to be held on July 26-27.

The Nepalese government has been planning to sign the PTA during the meeting.

The Himalayan country has long pled India to sign the PTA, which will allow hydro-electricity powered Nepal to export its surplus energy to its southern neighbor during the wet season and import power during the dry season.

"This contract in the name of PTA will hurt Nepal's sovereignty, " Dev Gurung, secretary of CPN-Maoist Cheap Jaguars Jersey , told Xinhua, "This is an attempt of the current government to hand over controversial projects like Upper Karnali and Upper Arun to India one-sidedly."

Upper Karnali and Arun-3, both having 900 MW capacity and being developed by Indian power developers, are two of the most controversial hydropower projects in Nepal since 1990.

He also said his party was forced to start the agitation against the government's lack of far-sightedness.

A week ago, the Indian government sent Nepal a draft of PTA, which has drawn criticisms from all stakeholders Jaguars A. J. Cann Jersey , according to whom the draft has sought Indian supremacy over Nepal's water resources.

Following that, the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu has clarified the issue by releasing a press statement. "In no way does the draft constrain Nepal's sovereign right to develop its hydropower potential," the statement said.

Gurung also said the Indian government intends to dominate in the issues such as Nepal's water, hydropower and other issues of national interest through the PTA draft.

In a press release Tuesday, the CPN-Maoist also demanded the government to achieve national consensus while signing any major agreements.

New kids on the block: The NBHD blur boundaries between rock and rap to stay edgy.

The Neighbourhood, an up-and-coming American indie rock band Jaguars Dante Fowler Jr Jersey , will be giving its only performance in China on Aug 8 at the Mixing Room in Shanghai's Mercedes-Benz Arena complex.

"The Neighbourhood is a rising star band whose music has moody atmospheric attractiveness," says Michael Craig Enoch, general manager of the Mercedes-Benz Arena. "August 8 will be the best time for Chinese audiences to discover the band and explore the depths of their music for themselves. The Mixing Room is very excited to welcome their debut in Shanghai."

One of the band's singles, Honest, was featured in the end credits of the blockbuster film The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The band members — lead singer Jesse James Rutherford, guitarists Jeremy Freedman and Zach Abels Jaguars Dede Westbrook Jersey , bassist Michael Margott and drummer Bryan Sammis — are from California, and they came together to form The NBHD in August 2011.

Sammis left the band earlier this year to pursue a solo career. He was replaced by Brandon Fried. The quintet describes its musical style as "atmospheric indie rock, electronica, and hip-hop beats with melodic R&B-inflected vocals".

One of their singles, Sweater Weather, had one of the longest runs on the 2013 radio charts. Billboard described it as "deeply compelling" Jaguars Dawuane Smoot Jersey , and the Recording Industry Association of America labeled the song "certified platinum" for sales in excess of 1 million units.

The song was also praised by Rolling Stone, which noted that "layering hasn't sounded this cool since The Sweater Song". The NBHD's follow-up single Afraid was hailed by Billboard for its "edgy, subtle hooks" and was named a top-five song by Alternative Radio.

The band chose the British spelling for its name on the advice of their manager, in order to distinguish it from another band of the same name that uses the American spelling.

Spotify, the music streaming service provider, ranked The NBHD 17th in a list of "Top 25 Artists Under 25" Jaguars Cam Robinson Jersey , alongside big names such as One Direction, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. "I always have a strong vision before I go into anything," says The NBHD lead singer Rutherford.

"I don't know how to make music any other way. It was all in my head, and that vision for the music was to make hip-hop beats with guitars, and I was going to sing and rap over them. We wanted to do that hip-hop aesthetic on an indie platform."

The band is planning to release a mixtape album this year. "We just put out a song the other day, a new one Jaguars DJ Chark Jersey , called Jealousy. It's got a couple of rappers, Casey Veggies and 100s, new west coast guys who are … tight, really on the come up. So that one has a super west coast vibe," Rutherford told Billboard.

Rutherford says the mixtape will be free. "We want to give music back to the people, back to how the dudes in hip hop do it Jaguars Taven Bryan Jersey , they give it back to the streets," he said.


The Neighbourhood Debut Tour

in Shanghai

8 pm, Aug 8, The Mixing Room,

1200 Expo Avenue, Pudong (located in the Mercedes-Benz Arena Complex) Jaguars Blake Bortles Jersey ,

Tel: 400-821-3624

280 yuan ($45)

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