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Welcome to the thinking person's guide to Nottingham. Here is a fun way to find out about some of Nottingham's rich history whilst having a jolly good time!

Nags head
Start your tour at the Nags Head public house on Mansfield road. This used to be the 'last' stop for many unfortunate souls on their way to Gallows Hill. Prisoners were offered their last drink here. It is reported that one such prisoner refused his last drink and was duly hanged just as his reprieve was granted - too late- if only he'd took his last drink!

Lincolnshire Poacher
Walk a little further down the road and cross over to reach your next stop. A warm friendly welcome awaits you at The Lincolnshire Poacher. On offer are a fine selection of 'real ales' and whiskies in an atmosphere that encourages conversation - no TV's or thumping beats here! Originally known as the 'Old Grey Nags Head' http://www.cheapgermanysoccerjersey.com … er-jersey/ , there has been a pub here since 1831.

The Peacock
Onwards to The Peacock. This pub has a Victorian feel to it. Comprising of two bars complete with buttons for service - you can get a decent pint of Guinness here.

Golden Fleece
Ever onwards to the Golden Fleece. You can view the deep sandstone cellars through the glass floor whilst drinking a fine malt whiskey or one of twelve polish vodkas on sale. Nottingham is built on sandstone through which run a labrynth of caves and tunnels. They were used for all sorts of reasons including air raid shelters during WW11.

Bell Inn
You will need a bit of a walk after that - so it's on into the centre of town and the Bell Inn. This is one of the oldest pubs in England. Originally two buildings, you can walk down the old alley which separated them. There are tours available if you want to know more about the history whilst enjoying a good pint of Refectory Ale.

The Royal Children
Walk towards the Castle and find the Royal Children on Hounds Gate.
It is thought that the pub got its name when the grandchildren of King James 1 were accommodated here during the last days of his reign in the seventeenth century. The sign outside incorporates a whalebone from the days when whale oil was used as fuel.

The Salutation Inn
A stones throw from the Royal Children you will find the Salutation Inn. Dating from the fifteenth century, it is thought to have been a guest house owned by a religious order. The name refers to the 'Salutation' given to Mary by the Archangel Gabriel as depicted on the sign.
Beneath the pub are caves which are said to be haunted. Ghost walks start from here each week. I've been down there - it really is quite spooky!

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
If you're still standing this pub offers a fitting end to your journey. Built in 1189, this is purportedly the oldest pub in England (if not the world); it was a favourite of Crusaders en route to Jerusalem in the times of Richard the Lionheart. Built into the castle rock the place is steeped in history and legend. Discover and discuss over one of many hand- pulled ales on offer - the foods good too!

Finish your tour with a stroll up cobbled streets and view the floodlit Castle and statue of Robin Hood.

Nottingham also has a lot of hotels in and around the City centre. Please don't try to sleep-off your pub tour on a park bench!
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